About My Book Reviews

Monday, September 3, 2018

About My Book Reviews

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Hello lovely bookish people!
Welcome to my bookish blog, where I post my thoughts about books!

I read a lot of different books, from middle grade non-fiction to YA fantasy to adult true crime novels. I’m really not that picky as long as it’s good.

My book reviews are going to be full of my opinions, subjective comments, and random thoughts. As such, my view of a particular book is by no means the 'correct' view to have. It's only true for me. I am not telling you how to feel about a book, I'm only sharing how I feel. Feel free to disagree with me in the comments, just in a nice way pretty please.

My book reviews:

There are several things that I have decided to include in my book reviews. 
First off, I am going to tell you the standard information:
Publication Date
Grade Level

Next, I’m going to give a few trigger warnings. It just seems like the polite thing to do.

From there, I'm going to get a little weird. For books that are YA and above, I’m going to take the book as a whole, picture it as a movie, and then give it a movie rating. I decided to do this because I like knowing what I’m getting into when I read a book. Will there be profuse language? Nudity? Massive amounts of carnage? I like to know… you know?

If I happen to listen to the book rather than read it, I will mention whether or not I recommend the audiobook. 

After the blurb, I will provide my scores for the book. Most bookish people review books using the classic goodreads five-star rating scale. While that’s useful for understanding your general like or dislike for a book, I wanted my book reviews to be as through as possible. So, I made my own scoring system.

At the bottom of my review, I will provide my goodreads star rating, because why not, right?

My Scores

Writing Style:
            -Simply terrible writing
            -Not being descriptive enough
            -Being overly descriptive or dense
            -Easy to understand but lacking a unique voice
            -Having a unique voice
Top Notch
            -Simply amazing writing

            -Not liking the characters you’re supposed to like
            -Not caring about the characters you’re supposed to care about
            -Characters that aren’t unique in any way
Fully Developed
            -Characters that are unique
            -Characters that you will remember long after finishing the book
Absolutely Amazing
            -Characters that steal a piece of your heart

No Plot
            -A confusing or non-existent plot
Bad Ending
            -An unsatisfying ending
            -A mostly predictable plot
Slow Burn/Enjoyable
            -A plot that was good enough to keep reading
Absolute Page Turner
            -A suspenseful plot
So Many Plot Twists
            -A suspenseful plot with shocking reveals

Total Garbage
            -Do not read ever
            -Do not read, unless you’re trying to sleep
            -Do not read, unless you want a headache
            -Read it once, recommend to a few
            -Read it, recommend to everyone
Totally Obsessed
            -Read it more than once, recommend to everyone, own it

Then I’ll get a little weird again. After my scores, I’ll put any random thoughts I had about the book. Like the messaging of the book, or the cover art, or if it reminded me of another book, stuff like that.

Lastly, I have decided, for the sake of this blog, that if I'm going to post book review, I must have a least read half-way through the book. When this occurs, I will be sure to say so. 

Without further ado, let's get started!

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