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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Angels in Our Hearts by Casey Watson and Rosie Lewis

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Title: Angels in Our Hearts

Author: Casey Watson and Rosie Lewis

Published: 2019

Genre: Memoir

Grade Level: Adult

-Trigger Warning: Child Abuse

-Movie Rating: PG-13

Blurb (from amazon):

A moving collection of 6 short stories – Helpless, A Small Boy’s Cry, Two More Sleeps, Unexpected, Just a Boy and At Risk – previously available as individual e-shorts.

A collection of inspiring and emotive real-life short stories from foster carers Casey Watson and Rosie Lewis

Disclaimer: My review of this memoir is not in any way a reflection upon the author or their life. I am a book reviewer, I review books… not people.

My Scores:

Writing Style: Good

The style of writing for these two authors are very similar to each other. It’s a very simplistic and clear narration that showcases the weight of emotions going on behind seemingly simple actions.

The only difference between them was that Lewis used foreshadowing in her short stories. This plot device worked as intended, adding suspense. So, I read Lewis’ short stories with a little more zeal than Watson’s.

Characters: Memorable
(I known they’re real people. I’m referring to them as character’s anyway.)

If you can’t tell, I’m trash for these types of stories. What can I say, these stories restore my hope for humanity. I loved getting to know each one of their stories.

I admire foster care workers so much, and I feel such sympathy for these children born into such terrible lives. When reading these books, I become their personal cheerleader, rooting for them to become well-adjusted and happy adults despite their horrific childhood.

The last story was quite a surprise, but no spoilers here 😉.

Plot: Enjoyable

Lewis’ stories are much better paced than Watson’s, but each story is worth the read. I love that they decided to showcase the smaller events in there life that weren’t quite long enough to be a book.

Overall: Enjoyable

I know these kinds of stories may not be for everyone, but I love them. I’m absolute trash for them. They restore my hope for humanity. They remind me that there are people in this world actively trying to spread a little light in the darkest places the world has to offer.

Goodreads Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (not currently on goodreads though)

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