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Sunday, August 18, 2019

A Boy Without Hope by Casey Watson

A Boy Without Hope
Title: A Boy Without Hope

Author: Casey Watson

Published: 2018

Genre: Memoir

Grade Level: Adult

-Trigger Warning: Child Abuse

-Movie Rating: PG-13 for adult language

-Features: Psychopathy

Blurb (from goodreads):

Casey Watson is back, doing the job she does best – rolling up her sleeves and fostering the children who, on first meeting, seem like hopeless cases. But when she meets Miller and discovers the truth about his disturbing childhood, even Casey begins to doubt if this child will ever be able to accept love.

Found naked and alone on a railway track, Miller was just five when he was first admitted into the care system. Emotionally tormented by his biological parents, Miller has never understood how to establish meaningful relationships, and his destructive past, and over 20 failed placements, is sealing his fate in society’s social scrap heap.

But soon the emotional demands of Miller’s case start to take their toll on Casey and Mike. Just how far is Casey willing to go to help Miller and save him from his inner demons?

Disclaimer: My review of this memoir is not in any way a reflection upon the author or their life. I am a book reviewer, I review books… not people.

My Scores:

Writing Style: Good

I’m the type of reader where if a book doesn’t catch my attention with the first two paragraphs, I’m moving on to the next. There are just so many books out there, after all. 

I made an exception with this book simply because I was accustomed to Watson’s writing style. I knew she had a good story to write about, she just doesn’t employ foreshadowing in her work.

Personally, I would skip the first 15 pages or so. Otherwise, it was a very fast read.

Characters: Memorable
(I known they’re real people. I’m referring to them as character’s anyway.)

Given the cover, I was expecting the current foster child in her care to be around five years old. However, the child was twelve years old! 

I can’t imagine taking in a teenager who’s spent most of their life in the system. So I was very curious to see how this would play out. It did not disappoint. Not only was the boy a particularly hard challenge, but he presented with psychopathic tendencies.

Plot: Absolute Page Turner

Watson was very introspective in this particular novel. She was constantly debating whether she should continue her career as a foster career. If she was just getting too old for all the stress, if she was just burnt out, or if her doubts were simply because she was dealing with this particular child. 

This admission only made me appreciate this profession all the more. 

Was she going to help this child? Or was she simply going to pass him along? 

Overall: Obsessed

Overall, I enjoyed this book immensely! It was thought provoking, emotionally raw, and was rather intense. As always, these kinds of books restore my hope for the world. I’m so glad there are people like Casey Watson in this world. 

Know when you are being manipulated, so that you aren’t manipulated.
Do your best to balance between giving it your all and giving yourself a break, because we’re all human.

Extra Notes:
They really should consider changing the book cover.

Goodreads Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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