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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin

Series: Wolf by Wolf Series (Book2)

Link to review of Book One: https://www.krwardbookreview.com/2022/04/wolf-by-wolf-by-ryan-graudin.html

Title: Blood for Blood

Author: Ryan Graudin

Published: 2016

Genre: Historical Fantasy…?

Grade Level: YA

-Trigger Warning: Deals with childhood grief and childhood trauma


Narrated by: Christa Lewis

Length: 12 hrs 24 min

Recommend: Yes


Blurb (from goodreads):

There would be blood. Blood for blood. Blood to pay. An entire world of it.

For the resistance in the Third Reich, the war may be over, but the fight has just begun. Death camp survivor Yael, who has the power to skinshift, is on the run: the world has just seen her shoot and kill Hitler. But the truth of what happened is far more complicated, and its consequences are deadly. Yael and her unlikely comrades dive into enemy territory to try to turn the tide against Hitler’s army, and there is no alternative but to see their mission through to the end, whatever the cost.

But in the midst of the chaos, Yael’s past and future collide when she comes face to face with a ghost from her past, and a spark with a fellow rider begins to grow into something more. Dark secrets reveal dark truths and one question hangs over them all—how far can you go for the ones you love?

My Scores:

Writing Style: Top Notch


Characters: Memorable

I felt so many emotions for these characters! Nothing in their life was simple and it made for deep thoughts and complex decision-making that was very engaging to read.

Talk about your complicated romance! As much as I came to adore the love interest, Luka, with all of my heart, I also wanted someone with more integrity for the MC. I’m a little tired of the “bad-boy turned good because he fell in love” trope.


Plot: So Many Plot Twists

There was so much action in the book, the climax just kept building and building. Graudin didn’t give any of her characters a break! Sheesh!

And what can I say? I didn’t predict that ending. It wasn’t the happy ending that I am accustomed to reading at the end of novels. It felt like driving home from a funeral, when everyone’s really quiet, and you’re just left with the memories of the person who passed. 


Overall: Totally Obsessed

I had a lot of fun reading this duology. It was full of action, betrayal, romance, and undercover missions to defeat Hitler, who could ask for anything more?


Goodreads Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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